Murder on Eridanos – DLC for The Outer Worlds will be released next week

On March 17, it will be to solve a murder mystery.

Travel to Eridano’s clouds and sniff in a grand murder mystery. Everyone is a suspect and it’s up to you to piece together the clues to Helcyon Helen’s killer. To help you, you have Discrepancy Amplifier, a new manikin that highlights details you might otherwise miss. Together with your helpers, you travel on the floating islands of Eridanos, from luxury hotels to lush groves. But do not be fooled by the happy atmosphere, something is up for grabs…

Take part in new game mechanics with Discrepancy Amplifier to solve a noir adventure in true who-did-it-spirit. Level up your characters with three extended levels, perks and flaws and equip yourself with three new science weapons and several new armor.

Murder on Eridanos released on March 17 and is part of The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass (which also includes Peril on Gorgon) but can also be purchased separately. The Outer Worlds required of course.