NEO-TWEWY has a date and a new trailer

NEO-TWEWY, that is NEO: The World Ends With You, has now had the release date set. It’s July 27, and the platforms are still PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch – with an Epic Game Store release sometime later this summer. With the announcement also came a new trailer and the opportunity to pre-book the game on Square Enix’s website.

NEO-TWEWY has a new protagonist: Rindo. The story still revolves around the life-and-death game Reapers’ Game, where it is a matter of completing quests and surviving the game master’s whims while trying to get to the bottom of the game’s how and why. Unlike its predecessor, Neo takes place in a three-dimensional world and has a combat system that seems more reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts. However, fashion and accessories are still a central part of the whole scheme.

Some key people remain from the past, mainly Tetsuya Nomura who (among others) stands for the sharp character portraits. The composer Takeharu Ishimoto also returns – something that makes this writer happy as a fiddler.

This news landed at the same time as the first episode of the anime adaptation of the first game. If you are interested, the service will come Wakanim regularly to release the latest episodes – however, a week after the premiere in Japan.