Nest Audio: Here are Google’s new smart speakers

Just over two years after the smart speaker Google Homes Swedish entry, the company has now launched a regular sequel to the unit of origin. It’s called Nest Audio, and takes up the fight with more well-sounding competitors like Sonos Move and the pieces in Harman Kardon’s Citation Series.

Because even though Google Home was the first to offer Assistant voice control in Swedish, it was soon bypassed in terms of sound quality. Neither the second generation Nest Mini or the screened Nest Hub did something to change this very fact, so the investment in a speaker with better sound seems perfectly reasonable to us.

Google is also taking the opportunity to completely redesign the design. The two-part, slightly small-plastic design from the original has been replaced with a completely cloth-covered one, and Nest Audio is also much larger and heavier.

Nest Audio

It has a logical explanation; Google has pushed fatter speaker elements into Nest Audio. Here is a tweeter of 19 millimeters and a mid-woofer of 75 millimeters, which will provide both fuller and more nuanced sound than its predecessor. Google states a 75 percent higher volume capacity and 50 percent stronger base as two concrete improvements.

Nest Audio is available to pre-order in the Swedish Google store already today. The price is SEK 1,149. In the same vein, Google Home has disappeared from the range. We at M3 will publish a complete test of the speaker shortly.