Netflix continues to grow according to the latest report

In its latest quarterly report, Netflix has shown that the service continues to grow both in terms of number of subscribers but also in other parts of the internet.

When Netflix presented the fourth quarter report of 2020, it was clearly positive numbers. From October alone until now, Netflix has managed to bring in over eight million new subscribers. This means that they now have 203.66 million subscribers worldwide.

An impressive number, but it is not only among the number of subscribers they are growing, their films and series are also the most popular on Google where we find Tiger King in first place.

At the same time as the latest report was presented, Netflix also shared some news that is coming to the service in the coming six months. Among other things, a shuffle button will be introduced, which will randomly determine what to watch movies and series.

But we also have a lot of movies and series to look forward to in 2021 that Netflix has worked on and is working on. In the clip above, you can see some of the news coming to Netflix in February.