Netflix has no plans to support spatial audio in Airpods

Update (2021-02-23):

If you have a copy of Airpods Pro or Airpods Max, you probably know that the headphones support something called spatial audio (spatial audio in English). In short, it means that the sensors follow the movements of the head dynamically, which gives an experience of being in a cinema.

For some time now, it has been rumored that Netflix intends to add spatial audio support to its video service, but now the company denies that it is relevant. Instead, the focus is on adding multi-channel support for built-in speakers, reports Macrumors.

If you want to test spatial sound, you have to settle for Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video in the current situation. The function is also available for HBO Max, which will be launched in Sweden and other Nordic countries sometime during the autumn.

Previously (2021-01-15):

Apple’s Airpods Pro and Airpods Max have a feature called spatial sound, which involves recreating surround sound virtually and placing the sound sources in the room, so that dialogue in a movie always sounds as it comes from the direction of the screen.

Support for spatial audio is currently available on Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO and Hulu, but may now also be on its way to Netflix.

It’s the French site Iphonesoft which has received the data from an anonymous developer on Netflix. According to the source, Netflix has been testing the feature since December.

Enabling spatial audio support should not require any further development on the part of Netflix, as Apple’s system does all the work and all that is required in principle is to enable it. I guess Netflix wants to test it with as much of its material as possible to make sure it actually sounds good.