Netflix raises prices in Sweden


Unfortunately, Netflix is ​​once again becoming more expensive and that may not be so strange considering the range that is increasing, but where is the limit?

Then it was time again, once again so choose Netflix to raise prices and there are a few different raises this time.

The basic subscription, which is the cheapest option, increases from SEK 89 to 99 per month. If you instead use the standard subscription, the price increases from SEK 109 to SEK 129 per month, and the premium subscription goes from SEK 159 to SEK 179 per month.

Netflix new prices 2021

As usual, this price increase will apply to all new customers, existing customers will receive this increase gradually according to Netflix. The reason for the price increase is because Netflix already has and plans to have several films and series in Swedish, which means that the production must be covered in some way.

I buy that we have movies and series in Swedish and for the Swedish market, but the price increase is probably also about Netflix itself wanting some money in its pocket.