Netgear has released a Mesh package for SEK 18,000

Netgear Orbi is known for its mesh solutions and now there is a new package but a really expensive one, just over SEK 18,000.

Netgear releases new Orbi systems every now and then, now it’s time again. To have the fastest and most stable Wi-Fi network at home, it is WiFi 6E that applies today.

This Orbi system by name AXE11000 (RBK963) according to Netgear itself will be the first quad-band WiFi system, which means that it has 2.4, 5, 6 GHz and a fourth extra dedicated 5 GHz WiFi band that will connect between the router and the satellites. Although WiFi 6E is so new, more and more gadgets are starting to get this WiFi solution and we can probably expect to see significantly more in 2022.

As usual when it comes to a mesh system, you control most things via the app and so here too. You can prioritize different devices, see which ones are connected, pause or turn off the internet on different devices etc.

But if you want the latest from Netgear Orbi, it also costs, a package with a router and two satellites costs as much as SEK 18,490 (!), If you want to buy satellites, they cost SEK 7,490 extra.