New AR glasses from Magic Leap are near

Magic Leap has made itself known for its AR glasses and soon it’s time for the second generation to become significantly more compact.

That augmented reality (AR) has not gained momentum more than it has done now is surprising, but maybe Magic Leap 2 can really speed up this technology. Magic Leap 2 is a new AR glasses that are planned to be released in 2022 and as we can see from the size, they are significantly more compact than its predecessor.

It has not been revealed too many specifications regarding Magic Leap 2, but should be the first glasses that can handle light environments, so you do not need dark rooms anymore.

Magic Leap as a company has had a tough time, a company that was founded in 2010 and which received huge investments from, among others, Google and Qualcomm. But the first Magic Leap glasses were anything but a success, more precisely a flop.

We now hope that Magic Leap 2 may be able to change this, but then it may also be a price tag that more people are willing to pay, Magic Leap was not a cheap story when they were released.