New chat app promises support for Imessage on Android and Windows

Some of us use almost exclusively a certain chat network (Whatsapp is most common), but most have accounts in several different to keep in touch with acquaintances who for various reasons have chosen a certain network. The developers of the new app Beeper wants us to avoid that and be able to use a single common app for all chat.

Beeper is based on the open source protocol Matrix and supports Whatsapp, Messenger, Imessage, Signal, Telegram, Twitter, Slack, Hangouts, Skype, IRC, Discord, Matrix and the proprietary Beeper network.

To make Imessage work on Android, Windows and Linux, Beeper uses one of two technologies: If you have a Mac, you can run a server program on the person who syncs the messages. Otherwise, Beeper will send you a jailbroken old Iphone with the Beeper app.

The Matrix network is a distributed, federated system where anyone can start a server for their own account. Beeper also offers a $ 10-a-month subscription to avoid that. The system uses total stretch encryption based on the same techniques as Signal but adapted to work in large rooms with thousands of participants.

So far, Beeper is not open to the public, but interested parties can fill in an expression of interest and can be invited.