New features for farmers in Farming Simulator 22

The developers and publishers GIANTS Software has worked a bit on the basics and introduces more game mechanics Farming Simulator 22. You will be able to compost, pick stones and roll soil. The more realistic feel of agriculture will give players the opportunity to further improve their soil.

Compost? No, just the newspaper

While composting is most common in gardening, with its bark chips, it comes Farming Simulator 22 take it to a larger scale required for agriculture. Players will be able to create compost veins between their vines and olive bushes. With freshly cut grass, the quality of the herd can be improved, while everything looks tidy and nice.

Hard work

It is not just weeds that need to be controlled. Let’s not forget one of the farmer’s classic enemies – the stones. They can hide in the ground, but can be picked up with a shovel or plow. To avoid the risk of damaging their machines, players must remove them. How players get rid of the stones depends on their size.

They see me rollin ‘

With an agricultural tool called rollers, players can push pebbles back into the soil to facilitate sowing. After sowing their seeds, players can run over them with the roller and get various bonuses when their crops grow.

Earth, it’s going well

Farmers will be able to enjoy new textures that are added with number 22. All to give a more authentic feeling when plowing and digging.

Farming Simulator 22 will be released on November 22 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Stadia.