New gaming screens from AOC that impress

AOC is previously known for its screens and now it’s time again when news is presented, we have, among other things, two screens of 49 inches.

AOC have previously made themselves known for their gaming screens and they continue now, I would probably say that they even put in a gear.

The two new screens included in the AOC Agon series are AG493UCX2 and AG493QCX. Both screens have a size of 49 inches but what is different is that the AG493UCX2 has a refresh rate of 165Hz while the AG493QCX has to settle for 144Hz.

What both screens have in common in addition to their size is that they are curved and have a radius of curvature of 1,800mm (1800R), a real curvature if you compare with other gaming screens in the same class.

AOC Agon AG493UCX2

The Agon AG493UCX2, which is the model with slightly better performance, has a resolution of 1440 x 5120 pixels, which in short are two 27-inch screens next to each other. AG493QCX, however, has to settle for a lower resolution of 3,840 x 1,080 pixels, what they both have in common here is that they will run on VA panels.

As usual, both monitors will have a built-in USB hub with most USB ports and built-in speakers if needed.

Agon AG493UCX2 will cost SEK 12,029 while AG493QCX will end up at SEK 9,519, both of which will go on sale in September.