New job ad from Apple gossips about Home OS

Update (2021-11-03):

In June, Apple published a job ad mentioning “Home OS” on two occasions, indicating that a new operating system is under development.

Now pay attention Macrumors that Apple has put up another job ad where Home OS is mentioned, something that gives additional water on the rumor mill.

The new job advertisement mentions “IOS, Watch OS, TV OS and Home OS” separately, so it is not likely to be a new name for TV OS.

One possible explanation is that this is a new name for the software for Homepod, Homepod Mini and other smart gadgets for the home.

Apple is not expected to launch any more products until the spring, so expect it to take a while before we know what Home OS will be used for.

Previously (2021-06-02):

A new job advertisement for a Senior IOS Engineer for Apple Music mentions on two occasions something called “Home OS”. Something that could be a completely new and hitherto unknown operating system from Apple, reports Macrumors.

In the job advertisement, Apple writes that:

“You’ll get to work with systems engineers across Apple, learn the intrinsic features of iOS, TV OS and Home OS and optimize your code for performance in a way only Apple can. Join our team and make a real difference for music lovers worldwide.

The Apple Music Frameworks team has the technology stack that enables the system-integrated Apple Music experience on all of our mobile platforms: iOS, Watch OS and Home OS. “

The operating system could be something completely new or a rebranding of an existing operating system.