New movie trailer mixes Uncharted 3 and 4

Because there is no time to treat each other with gifts between consenting adults, Sony Pictures unveils the second trailer for the film Uncharted. It’s a gift.

As players and viewers alike slowly but steadily begin to look to 2022, the film Uncharted recalls that we will have to deal with him as of February 16. After officially making the introductions last October, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are once again donning their respective Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan costumes in a new trailer that wants to prove director Ruben Fleischer has done his homework. .

The Film which appears in

For nearly two and a half minutes, Uncharted The Film tries to multiply the winks to the players of the series : between the famous scene of the plane already illustrated, the search for a cave full of old galleons or the evocation of a flashback on the future puberty of Nathan, the examples are not lacking. But it is the auction of the Rossi estate which occupies the top of the bill here, while Sully tries to seize the cross of Lorraine St-Dismas.

On the video game side, remember that the series will also be in the news in 2022, since the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves compilation will offer a second 4K or 120 FPS youth to episodes 4 and Lost Legacy on January 28 on PS5, and “later” on PC.

Uncharted The Film will be released on February 16, 2022 in theaters. Finally … if all goes well.