New report examines the lives of girls in e-sports

The fact that the online culture has a strained and stressful climate has long been discussed by players, game developers and worried parents. Regardless of whether it concerns forums, social media or not least in gaming, most people have at one time or another been subjected to abusive treatment. This is a widespread problem that several major game developers are trying to remedy through various types of restrictions and suspensions.

If you are also a woman or non-binary, you often risk even tougher swear words and harassment. For a long time, these groups have gone under the radar with the argument that the climate is the same for everyone. But the hatred usually does not focus on playing style or personality, but rather directly on the biological background.

According to the Swedish organization Female Legends report “Go back to the kitchen – Why are there no girls in e-sports?” different types of violations are described. The report addresses the issues that characterize the online world and concludes that many need to find compromises to be able to play.

– In the project, it has become clear to us that girls must fight in headwinds to be able to exercise their greatest interest; e-sports and games. Most girls have devised strategies for being strong in the gaming environment. It can be not using the voice chat or choosing to play a game where you do not have to interact with others, says Lillie Klefelt, communicator for Female Legends in a press release.

Liza Lind and Lillie Klefelt
Photo: Press imageLillie Klefelt and Liza Lind are the founders of Female Legends.

The gaming world in particular has the potential to be a place where we have the opportunity to play against each other without biological conditions. Instead, strategies, competitive instincts, analyzes and willingness to train are some of the skills needed to compete at the top. However, this premise falls when girls at a young age (10-13 years) abandon the idea of ​​online gambling, the report says.

Female Legends was founded in 2016 and supports its players with coaching, networking, finding playmates and offering various activities such as own lan and training camps. They also coordinate trips to larger arranged events, such as Dreamhack.

Other organizations have also started with major investments recently. Game developers Riot Games, which created the MOBA game League of Legends and the first-person shooter Valorant, have begun organizing tournaments and development opportunities for girls. In an initiative they call Game Changers, larger tournaments, development opportunities and training are held for those who want to invest in a coaching career, aimed specifically at women.