New research: Electricity is extracted from sweat from the fingertips

Researchers at the University of San Diego have now succeeded in generating electricity by using sweat from their fingertips, this writes CNET. A patch-like flexible strip that is put on the fingertip converts chemicals, which are already present in small amounts in human sweat, into electricity. As the fingers continuously produce sweat, electricity can be generated without physical movement.

Converting motion to electricity has previously been tested, but being able to generate electricity passively is a step forward. According to one of the study’s co – authors, Lu Ying, a professor of nanoscience at the University of San Diego, the goal is to create a workable product. “We want to show that this is not just another cool gadget that can generate a small amount of energy and nothing more. We can actually use the energy to power useful electronics such as sensors and displays. ”

Electricity for sweat
Photo: YoutubeThe sensor attached to the fingertip

The fingertips each have over a thousand sweat glands and can produce between 100 to 1000 times more sweat than most other body parts. It can be difficult to notice because the sweat usually evaporates quickly from the fingertips.

So far, the “electricity patch” can only generate milliwatts. You can watch a film about the discovery here: