New rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro that impress

Nintendo has not even mentioned anything about Switch Pro but still there are a lot of rumors about it and with Nvidia’s new chip this can be really good.

We do not know if it really is a Switch Pro in progress, Nintendo has been very quiet and as usual does not want to reveal anything.

But now there is new information coming from Bloomberg where they received information that Nvidia has developed a new chip for Nintendo and their console that should be significantly better, both CPU and GPU performance should have gotten a boost.

But what is perhaps most interesting is that the chip will have Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) which is a combination of AI and neural networks that allows the games to get higher resolution without requiring more performance, everything will in short see better out with DLSS.

But if we get to see all this on the Nintendo Switch Pro that we hope is underway remains to be seen, nothing is confirmed and with Nintendo, the Switch Pro has come all of a sudden, a bit like a surprise to us all.