New Smite Update, Heavenly Light, Brings Queen of Cards Izanami

To beatThe latest ultimate skin reward – Izanami, Queen of Cards – hits Xbox today with a mix of deception and panache.

This is no ordinary skin – it’s what we call a “Tier 5” skin, which is the pinnacle of . represents To beat skin design and serve as the final reward for our new Heavenly Light event. Queen of Cards Izanami possesses four unique shapes, each inspired by a deck of cards and associated tarot symbolism, making her a bit of a stacked card game. When Izanami uses her ability to “Fade Away”, this beautiful skin changes between its four forms, each of which is functionally a completely separate skin. In addition, the Queen of Cards has a special bonus: an emote that evolves as you complete missions built into the skin, unique to each of the colors she can take on. Every time you get a kill or assist while playing Izanami, you draw four cards; if all four match, an upgraded emote is permanently unlocked for her current form.

To beat

While playing the Heavenly Light event, you’ll join Mulan and Sun Wukong to investigate mysterious ghosts in China – and get some amazing skins. The Heavenly Light Event consists of four chapters, each with its own free bonus skin such as Funny Bones Baron Samedi. Collect all the rewards of a chapter to get every free bonus skin and collect every reward in all four chapters to unlock Queen of Cards Izanami. Don’t want to wait? You can instantly unlock the Queen of Cards Izanami skin and pre-order all future skins from the event using the Buy All button.

The Heavenly Light event is launching as part of: To beat‘s Birthday Celebration, with free events and special discounts to celebrate. Gem Packs are up to 33 percent off, and all players can unlock a variety of free rewards for participating in the To beat Birthday Celebration Community Calendar Event. Log in and play from now until April 5 to unlock a unique reward every day, ranging from Community Art-inspired cosmetics to free gems! You can even get the exclusive Husky Handler Skadi skin for free through the Birthday Celebration event!

That’s not all we have for this next update: a swarm of tiny robots is heading to the Battlegrounds with the Chibi Bots Battle Pass! So go out and conquer your enemies in a cute and compact package like Doom Bot Hades, Freezy Bot Ymir, Beaky Bot Thoth and Intruder Bot Cupid and unleash the little fury of these Chibi Bots! As usual, all four of these skins will be available by completing the Battle Pass, and we can’t wait to see these little horrors appear on the battlefield.

To beat

Last but not least, we’re excited to give the community a much-requested update: expanded Custom Match options so you can play all kinds of fun new modes with your friends! When creating custom games, there are now a number of pre-saved defaults to help serve as a starting point for the more common game modes, in addition to more competitive rule sets such as Competitive Conquest for To beat Pro League and scrims, as well as the standings format. You can then customize each preset with a plethora of new, fun options, such as adjusting mana costs, cooldown reduction, and more. We can’t wait to see how you all use these options to design fun new custom competition experiences.

With that, I hope to see everyone shuffling back onto the battlefield soon, and make sure you practice your card counting or the queen of cards might catch you off guard.

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