New Sony TV for Europe – “the world’s first with cognitive intelligence”

Sony now announces that their new Sony Bravia XR Master A90J TV will soon be available for pre-order in selected European countries.

The company first showed the TV before this year’s CES trade fair and the big news is a Cognitive Processor XR that will process image and sound in a way that surpasses conventional AI and is designed to mimic the ways people see and hear.

This is because the processor’s “cognitive intelligence” divides the screen into several zones and perceives where the focus points are in the image. While conventional AI can analyze pixels such as color, contrast and detail, Cognitive Processor XR can also do cross-analyzes of multiple elements simultaneously so that they can be adapted to each other.

The AI ​​processor also analyzes the sound position in the signal so that it matches the image and provides a more realistic sound, which can also convert all sound to surround sound in 3D.

The Sony Bravia XR Master Series A90J 4k HDR OLED models of 55 and 65 inches will soon be available for pre-order, while the 83-inch model will be available later this year.

The price is SEK 29,999 for 55 inches, SEK 37,999 for 65 inches and SEK 79,999 for 83 inches.

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