New World is delayed a fourth time but only a month

Amazon’s huge MMO venture New World has just had a beta that was a success, but now the launch is being moved forward for a fourth time.

At first it was thought that New World would be released on August 30, but less than a month before the launch, Amazon Games now announces that they must postpone the launch of New World once again, for the fourth time.

However, there will be no long delay, the new date that we will memorize this time is September 28 and the reason is that Amazon wants to polish the game and take part in all the feedback they received during the beta.

They want to get bugs in order, make the game more stable and simply an MMO that we have been waiting for so long. If you have not heard of New World but are curious, it is recommended to take a look at the trailer at the beginning of the post which shows a bit from the closed beta.