New World is delayed by a few months again

New World Amazon Games

Amazon’s investment in an online role-playing game has not really gone as it should yet, more delays but maybe this is the last.

New World as the first to be released in August 2020 was delayed and this they did more or less at the last second, the reason was that the beta they had just before not only had problems but also lacked content.

Amazon wants to do the right thing from day one and wants to be sure that there is enough to do in an MMO like New World.

In recent months, Amazon Game Studios has had closed beta tests and realized that you need a little more time than being able to release New World in the spring of this year. The positive thing is that this time we actually have a date to look forward to, now it is nailed that on 31 August New World is released.

What we can expect then that has received an improvement is, among other things, the combat system, better crafting, more endgame content, less bugs, better optimized and simply more content.

However, if you do not have the strength to wait until 31 August, an alpha test will start on 30 March and if you pre-book the game then you will test on the closed beta on 30 July.