Next week, the SL card will end up in the mobile

From April 7, SL travelers can buy 7-day and 30-day tickets as app tickets. This means that regular travelers can now completely replace the Access card with the mobile phone. It is already possible to buy a single ticket for 24 and 72 hours in the SL app.

The idea is that app purchases will make it easier for travelers who live far from the nearest ticket machine or point of sale. It will also be easier to see how long a ticket is valid.

– This is a welcome step forward and an important step in the development of a new, modern and user-friendly ticket system for SL’s travelers. During the pandemic, it will be especially important that we continue to deliver solutions that make it easier for those who have to travel with us. Many people always have their mobile phone close at hand and being able to buy and have the ticket in it instead of with a plastic card makes life a little easier, says David Lagneholm, head of administration at the traffic administration and CEO of SL, in a press release.

No tickets have been removed and those who want to continue traveling with an Access card can continue to do so.

The fact that new tickets in the app are being launched at the same time as travel with public transport is not recommended, SL explains that they make the trip easier for those who still have to travel.