Nine: Automata’s “last secret” has been found

Platinum Games Kidney: Automata is a modern and multi-million-selling masterpiece, which the undersigned rewarded with as much as 92 percent in our review from spring 2017. However, getting through the glory is something of a project that not everyone has the time or energy with, as three separate rounds are minimum.

That’s exactly why it’s nice to Nier: Automatas “Last secret” (discovered by YouTuber Lance McDonald and has confirmed of Kidney: Automatadirector Yoko Taro) has now been discovered, in the form of a cheat code that allows you to jump to the last (slightly incomparable) end immediately after the first boss battle, while unlocking both the debug menu and the chapter selector. Of course, the end should be reached “as intended” for the largest possible imprint, but since it can be difficult to go back (for reasons I do not intend to reveal), it is good to have a shortcut!

Here’s Lance McDonald’s video about Nier: Automatas “Last secret”.