Nintendo confirms type sequel to Switch

Many are eagerly hoping and waiting for Nintendo to present a new Switch, but a sequel may be underway but it looks like it will be a while.

One can only say that Nintendo did several things right with the Switch console. But the console that was launched on March 3, 2017 and many are waiting and hoping that we will see a sequel soon.

What we have received, however, is Switch OLED, which is the same console as before, fixed with a new screen, not higher resolution but simply better colors and not as energy-intensive.

Now, however, Nintendo has in its latest quarterly report reveals a verdict will release a new console in the future, whether it’s a Switch 2, Switch Pro or something completely different we do not know. But as it looks now, it may take a full 79 years before a new console arrives, according to the report.

Nintendo Future outlook
Source: Nintendo

There we can see that Nintendo will expand its core business which consists of “Integrated Hardware-Software Next gaming system” and then we see 20XX, so we have until 2099 to hope for a new Nintendo console.

But we will probably not have to wait that long, there have been a lot of rumors that Switch Pro is underway, but it may in the end be a Switch 2 that is released, but when it becomes relevant we do not know, we may be lucky we will see and hear something about this in 2022.