Nintendo is said to lower its ambitions for mobile games

Nintendo says they will lower the ambitions for their mobile games and the returns they can provide, reports Bloomberg.

Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furakawa noted in May that the company will not necessarily release as many new gaming apps to the mobile market, but instead focus on existing titles.

The last mobile game Nintendo released was the Mario Kart Tour in the fall of 2019. The next, as yet unknown, title is expected to emerge first by the fall of 2020.

Two years earlier, Shuntaro Furakawa predicted that Nintendo’s mobile games would turn into a billion dollars and that they would release two to three titles a year.

Nintendo has since released several mobile games and experimented with different payment models. From one-time payments in Super Mario Run to subscriptions in the Mario Kart Tour. In both of these cases, Nintendo should have been disappointed with the return. They also say they are tired of the restrictions that the platform poses in terms of game controls.

The company’s investment in mobile gaming has in part been seen as a necessity due to the former gaming console Wii U’s poor performance. Nintendo’s current console Switch, on the other hand, performs significantly better and also means that the company does not have to share the revenue from its first-party games with anyone else.

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