Nintendo surprises and presents Switch with OLED

It is not a Switch Pro, but on the other hand it is a new Switch that has some minor improvements and a completely new screen.

Nintendo has finally released a less updated version of the Switch where the focus this time is the screen. Switch with OLED screen will have a slightly larger screen of seven inches, OLED panel with 720p resolution but full focus this time is the colors and contrast of the screen. The sound on the console should also have been given a boost with better integrated speakers.

But in addition to the screen, a few other things have also been updated, among other things, the console’s internal storage has been expanded to 64GB now, but there is still room for a memory card.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The docking station / place has changed a bit, now it extends over the entire console which makes it both nicer and more stable, but the docking station now also has support for Ethernet cable if the need exists, however we still have to settle for 1080p output from the docking station as the hardware under the shell of the Switch is the same.

The Nintendo Switch with OLED screen will go on sale on October 8 and the price tag is $ 350.

Nintendo Switch OLED