Nintendo’s advice to enjoy its console on December 25

Every year, it’s a bit the same story: if some people hastily unwrap their gifts, others are forced to wait. Nintendo therefore offers advice to future Switch owners.

There was a time not so long ago when the discovery of a new console under the tree was synonymous with almost immediate video game pleasures: all you had to do was plug into a power outlet and insert your cartridge properly to discover a new universe. But like the Switch, our modern consoles do not lend themselves to much plug-and-play. Nintendo is therefore taking the lead, and providing valuable advice to future players on December 25.

Nintendo Smart sees red

The trick is ultimately simple, and reminds us of a famous diction saying that we should never put off too much until tomorrow what we can do the same day. Unsurprisingly, it is the manufacturer’s Japanese account that has shown the greatest foresight:

This weekend, access to dedicated Nintendo Switch servers will be saturated, and you may not be able to immediately create your Nintendo Account. If you plan to use any of the Nintendo Switch family models, we recommend that you create your account in advance.

And the constructor does not fail to refer to the tutorial page which details the step-by-step steps and prerequisites for creating your Nintendo account in advance. Come on, take advantage: you still have a few hours to avoid the terrible saturation of the servers on the morning of December 25, and thus pass for the most organized of everyday heroes! VSit is also a gift.