NiP got it right on server mess – moved on after replay – CS: GO

What was supposed to be a show for Swedish Ninjas in Pajamas when they would play their first match with newly acquired Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz ended instead in a minor disaster. The last few days have been about accusations, wrong decisions and various other unrest. This after NiP was forced to finish playing an online match in bad conditions on Friday night.

After only two rounds had been played in Flashpoint Season 3‘s first meeting, against Polish Anonymo, the Swedes chose to invoke a technical timeout, when they were bothered by the packet loose, a phenomenon where the players’ connection to the game server was affected.

When almost an hour had passed without the problem being solved, NiP was told to play the match despite poor connectivity. Despite a dominant performance on the first map, they then lost the remaining two maps. NiP then chose to announce on social networks about what happened and also sent an appeal to Flashpoint.

During the weekend, several statements were published from the various parties about what actually happened, and several different scapegoats were pointed out. On Tuesday morning, however, the message came from Flashpoint, who took the mistake with the server as their server configuration was the reason for the bad connection.

Even though the match had already been completed, it was decided that the last map would be replayed, which happened last night. There, NiP got redress in a tough match that ended 16-14 for the Swedish team.

Only twice before has a rematch been decided due to events that took place during the match. Among other things, the well-known match on Overpass where Fnatic used a forbidden boost, better known as olofboost. On this occasion, however, Fnatic chose to hand over the winnings to the opponents, after pressure from the supporters.

Because this has happened so rarely, it has led to many people becoming interested and wanting to air their opinions and social media and forum threads have contained everything from logical decisions to aggressive accusations.