No in the Riksdag – controversial “snooker sites” are not limited

Ratsit, Mr Koll and Lexbase are three examples of search services that today – conveniently and smoothly – allow us to sniff out far more than phone numbers and addresses when we search for private individuals online. Salaries, payment remarks and not least the presence in criminal cases are among the information that is a few clicks away.

Personal information online – this is how the search sites GDPR round out

The integrity perspective means that the private search services are considered controversial – for many years they have been criticized for hanging out private individuals. With the EU-initiated regulations GDPR in place, many wonder how these search services can continue to sell such information in bulk, but in Sweden they are actually covered by a constitutionally protected publication certificate.

Chronicle (2019): Stop the snooker sites that sell our personal information

Last year, however, the government submitted a proposal to make a change in constitutional protection to limit this type of search service. “The protection of personal integrity is strengthened by limiting the constitutional protection of search services that publish personal data that someone has committed a crime,” it said.

But poking into constitutions about freedom of the press and expression is easier said than done. The Riksdag went on KU’s line and did thumbs down in a vote on Wednesday. Something that was first reported by Aftonbladet. Both the Constitution Committee and the government considered that the search services threatened personal integrity, but said that the proposal was too vague and imprecise.

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In other words, search services of the type pointed out can continue with their activities as before. Last year, we took a closer look at the basis on which this type of activity rounds the GDPR and how people’s everyday lives are affected by them. You can find that article here!