Nobody saves the world is coming to PS5 and PS4, along with local co-op

Surprise! Nobody Saves the World is days away from release, and everyone at Drinkbox is thrilled that you’re playing our wild and wacky take on action RPGs. If you’re not familiar with the game, sit back, close your eyes, and let me paint a picture for you… (…you may need someone to read this to you if you’re really closing your eyes).

The Calamity spreads its corruption across the land, and the world turns to the legendary wizard Nostramagus to save them… only he is nowhere to be found. So you, the hollow-eyed Nobody, steal his wand and set out to defeat Calamity yourself.

Nobody saves the world is coming to PS5 and PS4, along with local co-op

What follows is a silly sprawling action RPG filled with weird characters, weird dungeons, and wild quests. With the power of the wand, you will unlock and change between over 15 forms, from a Guardian or Ranger to a Horse, Bodybuilder or Dragon. You’ll be traveling through a crashed UFO one moment, and an oversized rotten pumpkin the next. There’s always a new way, quest or dungeon to discover just around the corner.

Combine powers to create the ultimate form.

As their forms get stronger, they gain more and more abilities, all of which can be mixed and matched with other forms. Do you want to create a Horse that shoots arrows like a Ranger? How about a bodybuilder who breathes dragon fire? You can do all of that and more, and you’ll need to come up with increasingly powerful and clever combos to overcome the threat of Calamity.

no one saves the world

You don’t have to do it alone either. You and a friend can save the world together, either online or side by side in the new local co-op. Two players at a time literally double your form-swapping and skill-combining potential, unleashing a whole new level of creativity and mastered combos.

We hope you have a lot of fun with No One Saves the World when it launches on PS4 and PS5 on April 14.