Norton and Avast merge

NortonLifeLock Avast

Antivirus software may not be as popular as it once was, but they exist and now the two giants are merging.

Having an antivirus program installed on your computer may not be as common today as it once was, but there are still companies working on this and now two of the largest are merging.

NortonLifeLock and Avast have made the decision to form a joint company, which may not be very strange. Avast, which was formed 11 years ago, comes from the Czech Republic and quickly became popular in its industry.

NortonLifeLock are more or less remnants from Symantech’s consumer division after they were acquired by Broadcom in 2019.

This merger more or less means that NortonLifeLock buys all the shares in Avast, which means that they are bought up and become a company, but they will still go by the name NortonLifeLock.