Nothing acquires Essential –

Nothing has been good at creating headlines lately and now it’s time again, they buy the mobile manufacturer Essential.

Nothing is a new company founded by former Oneplus co-founder Carl Pei. A lot has happened with Nothing since they started just a few months ago.

Now it’s time again and Nothing now announces that they choose to buy the mobile manufacturer Essential, which was founded by Andy Rubins, who is behind Android, among other things. Essential has had it tough since the start and they never really got to sell their phones as they had wanted.

What we do know is that Nothing now owns Essentials brand and logo, but whether they also got to take over their patents and IP is currently unknown, unfortunately. We can only hope that the whole package came along as Essentials may need it as they have not really succeeded very well before.

Should be interesting if Essentials knowledge and patents may benefit Nothing and we get a new mobile brand in the future, anyway, it should definitely be interesting and follow the development of Nothing.