Nothing confirms: Releasing smartphone this summer

It was in September 2020 that the Swedish-Chinese entrepreneur Carl Pei left the Oneplus he founded together with Pete Lau. Now it’s Nothing that matters, but that it really was about “nothing” could not be further from the truth. Last year came the company’s first product; a pair of true wireless headphones with a really bold design – and now Nothing lightens the lid on its ambitious future plans.

After some teasing and tassel, the company now confirms that it has a smartphone in operation. Nothing Phone 1 will be released this summer, run with processor technology from Qualcomm and offer a “pure” Android experience via its own add-on interface Nothing OS. A philosophy that sounds as confusing as an earlier version of what Oneplus Carl Pei chose to leave, but how the vision develops going forward, we can of course not know at present.

Nothing writes about the operating system in a press release:

“Nothing OS takes the best of the pure Android experience and distills the operating system to its most basic form where each change serves a purpose. It is designed to deliver a fast, smooth and personalized experience. A unified interface, where the hardware seamlessly integrates into the software with custom fonts, colors, graphics, and sounds. A first preview of Nothing OS comes via a launcher that will be available for download on some smartphones in April. “

Nothing Phone 1 will, as I said, see the light of day ahead in the summer. Until then, we can expect more details about the phone to be published in small mouthfuls, so keep an eye on the site!