Now Comhem turns off the analog TV network – so you are affected

On September 8, ie now on Tuesday, Comhem will turn off the analogue TV broadcasts in 1.6 million Swedish households.

This means that you as a customer must use the digital broadcasts instead, something that requires you to have a decent modern TV (2008 or later) or a digital box. The latter costs SEK 593 if you order from Comhem.

If you look via the analogue network, you have probably noticed that an information text scrolls at the top informing you of the shutdown. In that case, you need to change the source via your remote control and do a new channel search. Instructions on how to behave can be found at Comhem’s digitization page.

Note that the range in the digital range differs slightly from the analog, which means that you lose a number of channels and get some others in exchange. For example, TV10 and TV12 are not included in the basic digital offer, so if you want to watch these channels, you have to pay extra.

In this context, it can be mentioned that everyone who lives in a Comhem household can use it Comhem Play free of charge. Through the service, you can watch most of your TV channels on a computer, tablet or mobile phone throughout the EU. Unfortunately, TV4 and Sjuan are not included due to the conflict between Comhem and Telia.