Now everyone has access to better video editing in Google Photos

In 2020, Google released a new photo editor for the Android app for Google Photos. The same app is now being expanded with a new video editor

The new video editor comes with 30 different control controls that, among other things, make it possible to easily trim, stabilize and rotate recorded videos. It will also be possible to crop, change perspectives, add filters and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and heat.

The new video editor is already available on Google Photos for iOS and will be rolled out to Android in the coming weeks. The new photo editor will also be released for iOS in the coming months.

In addition, Google will make advanced editing features, previously exclusive to Pixel users, available to Google One’s paid members. The editing functions make it possible to change portraits with the help of machine learning. The “Portrait Blur” function can be used to blur the background of an image while “Portrait Light” can change the light on the face of an image. This regardless of whether the image is new or old. The AI ​​tools can also be used for a kind of “superfilter” that should be able to make advanced adjustments of images.

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