Now Google Assistant can find your Iphone

IPhone users who stick to Apple’s ecosystem have long been able to take the help of an Apple Watch (or Homepod for those who have one) to find the phone when they forgot where in the home they put it.

Now comes that feature also to Google Assistant and Home for all those who have a smart speaker from Google. If you enable the Important Alerts setting in Google Home, you can say “hello Google find my phone” to one of your connected smart speakers and a notification will be sent to the phone which will appear on the lock screen even if you Do not disturb activated, and causes the phone to make a sound even when the volume is set to zero.

This feature requires a special permission from Apple to use in apps, so Google has applied for and received that permission. It’s uncertain whether Google has simply not tried before or whether Apple has taken a long time to approve the application. The feature has been around for a long time in the Android version of Google Home.

Another novelty in the app is a global rollout of the ability to create routines based on the rising and setting of the sun, based on where you are. For example, you can turn on selected lights automatically after dark instead of a time.