Now officially: Here is HTC’s new vr headset Vive Flow

Yep, the leaked pictures turned out to be genuine. Yesterday, HTC’s vr headset was shown Vive Flow up for real, and it is, to say the least, an exciting design that characterizes the hardware. Our thoughts go towards ski goggles! The headset itself weighs in at only 189 grams and should be easy to pair with a smartphone that can also be used as a kind of remote control for vr experiences.

HTC has not revealed too much about how powerful the hardware in Vive Flow is, but on the other hand that the resolution is 1.6K per eye, 100 degrees field of view and an update frequency of 75 Hz. This hardly makes the vr headset a performance monster, but the primary focus for Flow seems to rather be on an extra portable and seamless vr experience, where meditation, concerts and productivity are highlighted.

HTC Vive Flow
Photo: HTCVive Flow can be easily connected to the mobile, which is then used to control the interface.

The tracking is done via two forward cameras in the headset itself. Manual tracking will be made available in a future update. HTC Vive Flow has 64 GB of storage and can be pre-ordered directly from the manufacturer for $ 499. No exact information about a Sweden launch is available at present.