Now the music for It Takes Two is released

Critics praised Josef Fares and Hazelight’s recent play It Takes Two, Unfortunately, we at Varvat have not had the opportunity to tune into the tribute choir as we did not get access to the game. The music in the game has received very positive comments and now the original music is released in an album with 33 tracks that stylishly combines a number of different genres, from rock and metal, via club, folk and classical music to avant-garde art music and blockbuster orchestra. All composed by two Swedes. It writes the publisher EA in a press release.

It Takes Two romantic comedy in play form, a story about parents Cody and May who decided to divorce. To prevent the separation, the daughter Rose turns them into dolls who are subjected to a series of trials in order to be forced to cooperate and find their way back to love.

– The music for It Takes Two cannot be compared to anything else. Each level, and in some cases each chapter has its own style. It’s a crazy game and we tested many directions before we found the right musical. The result consists of orchestral music, rock, very magical sound with surprises, piano, passion, love but also melancholy. It is also a very interesting mix of my and Gustaf’s special styles.

Kristofer Eng, composer and responsible for the music’s main theme.

Kristofer Eng is together with Gustaf Grefberg, composer behind the game’s spectacular music which consists of everything from rock and metal, via club, folk and classical music to avant-garde art music and blockbuster orchestra. Each game level has a uniquely produced style of music, specially written and composed to fit perfectly. The duo has also collaborated with the sound team led by sound manager Philip Eriksson, to ensure the overall sound picture.

The album consists of 33 songs and is a selection of the game’s extreme amount of music that in total exceeds thirteen hours of completely unique composed music. The main theme is beautifully composed with a serious and toned down piano piece that can grow into a full orchestra in the game’s climax with the character May’s debut song. Otherwise, there are a number of sub-themes in different genres that in themselves would hold for an own album.

Among the voices in the music are children’s choirs with, among others, Kristofer’s own children and also Kristofer’s wife Sania Radjabi who makes the mother May’s singing voice.