Now users in selected locations can contribute to Google Street View

Google Maps now gets a new update that allows users to create Google Street View images using their mobile, reports The Verge.

To be able to use the function, the user must have an Android device that is compatible with Arcore, a Google certification for ar applications that require a sufficiently strong camera, motion sensor and processor as well as the right design architecture.

Users can then publish their images directly to Google Street View in certain areas. Initially, Google allows contributions in Toronto, New York, Austin, Nigeria, Indonesia and Costa Rica. More areas will be added as you go along.

Users’ images will be linked together and viewed in the Street View layer of Google Maps as a blue dotted line. Faces and license plates seen in the pictures will be automatically blurred.

According to Google itself, the feature opens up Street View to more places that Google Street View’s staff and cars have not been able to reach before. The function will also make it possible to quickly update maps with information about new activities and public opening hours.

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