Now we know when Nest Hub 2 will come to Sweden

For once, Google is quick to release its gadgets in Sweden and next in line is Nest Hub 2, which will go on sale before the summer.

Just a few weeks ago, we could write that Google will release a new generation of Nest Hub where the outside looks the same, but what is hidden under the shell has been given a real boost.

Nest Hub 2 will still have a screen of seven inches and all focus will again be on Google Assistant, however, just assistant will be faster this time and this thanks to a new chip.

The sound from Nest Hub 2 will also get a boost, according to Google, the base will deliver 50 percent more.

Now we know that Nest Hub 2 will go on sale on May 4 in Sweden and the price tag ends up at SEK 1,149, which is SEK 50 more than its predecessor, a perfectly ok price increase.