Now you can create apps on Ipad with Swift Playgrounds

Apple has released version 4.0 of Swift Playgrounds and the big news this time is that it is now possible to create apps directly on an iPad.

In order for everything to work as intended, you must have updated to Ipad OS 15.2. It should also be noted that it is only possible to create simpler apps, so if you want to create something more advanced, it is still Xcode on a Mac that applies.

Here are the other news in Swift Playgrounds 4.0 according to the accompanying documentation:

  • Integration with App Store Connect makes it easy to transfer a ready-made app to the App Store.
  • An app preview shows updates instantly when you change something in an app.
  • A preview in full screen mode allows you to see the app from edge to edge.
  • Smart embedded code suggestions help you write code quickly and accurately.
  • Projects make it easy to move projects to Xcode and back again.
  • Project-wide search finds hits in several files.
  • Snippet library contains hundreds of controls, symbols and colors for SwiftUI.
  • Support for Swift packages makes it possible to use publicly available code to improve your apps.

Download Swift Playgrounds 4.0 for Ipad

Download Swift Playgrounds 4.0 for Mac