Now you can download IOS 13.5 and Ipad OS 13.5

Apple on Wednesday night sent out the sharp versions of IOS 13.5 and Ipad OS 13.5 to the public after a time of beta testing.

Among the news this time are various improvements to Face ID and Facetime, as well as support for COVID-19 contact tracking apps from health authorities. In addition, we are of course invited to the usual collection of bug and safety fixes.

These are the most important news according to the accompanying documentation:

Face ID and passcode
• Simplified unlocking process for devices with Face ID when using a face mask.
• The passcode field automatically appears as you swipe upwards from the bottom of the lock screen while using a face mask.
• Also works with App Store Authentication, Apple Books, Apple Pay, Itunes and other apps that support Face ID sign-in.

exposure Notices
• The Exposure Notification API to support COVID-19 contact tracking apps from health authorities.

• Options that control automatic highlighting in Facetime group calls so that video frames do not resize when a participant is talking.

bug fixes
• Resolves an issue that may cause users to see a black screen while trying to stream video from certain websites.
• Addresses a problem in the sharing sheet where suggestions and actions are sometimes unread.

As usual, you should make a backup copy of the contents of your Iphone, Ipod Touch or Ipad before installing the update.

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