Now you can rent stuff at Netonnet

The home electronics department store Netonnet is now starting to give customers in Sweden the opportunity to rent electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, smartwatches and accessories.

РIt feels exciting to be able to launch Hyreshyllan and see how the concept is received by our customers, as it is something that is in demand and that we believe in a lot, says Margareta Törnblad, head of strategic service development at Netonnet, in a press release.

The service has previously been rolled out to a small part of Netonnet’s customer club members, but is now widely available to all customers in Sweden. Products selected should be in categories where there is a customer behavior of not using the product as long as it can actually be used.

РSustainability is becoming increasingly business-critical and the outside world requires new solutions and new business models. As a company, we must see our part in the transition and help our customers make conscious choices to together drive the market in the right direction, says Margareta Törnblad.

Initially, the Rental Shelf will only be available online. The plan is for it to be expanded to more product segments in the future.

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