NZXT stops chassis H1 due to fire hazard

NZXT developed a chassis similar to the Xbox Series X several months before the console was launched, but now it has stopped as it may start to burn.

NZXT have made themselves known for their chassis and above all for their quality, but now they seem to have made a little mistake.

NZXT has currently stopped the sale of H1 and the reason for this is that they have found a problem with the PCI booster in which they mount their graphics card, the screws that hold this booster can cause a short circuit which in turn can create a fire.

However, NZXT tries to calm the situation that there are fewer than every tenth chassis that is affected by this, but they still choose to pause sales until a solution has been found.

NZXT also says that their customers who already use the chassis today will turn off their machines until a solution to the problem has been found. The solution that NZXT is apparently working on is to develop a repair kit for the problem, if it will now help remains to be seen.