Oculus Quest 2 will give better weather with PC

The Facebook subsidiary Oculus has a new update underway for its latest vr headset Quest 2 which will give a real increase in performance for PC players.

Version 28 of the software will firstly increase the maximum refresh rate from 90 to 120 hertz, making the experience in fast-paced games less nauseating. Another novelty is Air Link, a technology that allows you to connect completely wirelessly to your computer – if your wifi network is fast enough.

Oculus says that you can still use the specially designed Oculus Link cable for a stable connection between headset and computer if the wireless leads to lag. You should be less than six meters from the router for Air Link to work optimally.

The company has also presented news in Infinite Office, the virtual office function included in Oculus Home. For example, you will be able to sync your physical desktop and real keyboard with vr-world, so you can see how your virtual hands type on your virtual keyboard in sync with how your real hands type on the real keyboard.

Details on how you who have Quest 2 can activate the functions when the update has been released can be found in the company blog posts about the news.