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In the odd eye of the storm.

Oddworld turns 25 next year, but despite the, in terms of game series, respectable age, during this quarter century they have contented themselves with telling a handful Oddworld-sagor. Although in a few different designs. 2014 year Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty was, for example, a major remake of the original from 1997. Seven years later, it’s time to reinterpret the second odyssey: Oddworld Abe’s Exoddus.

To Oddworld: Soulstorm based on a game from the last millennium is difficult to take in. Partly because it is more of a new game than “just” a remake, but perhaps most of all for how timeless the series is. Oddworld with its odd aesthetics, melancholy story but at the same time fabulous appeal is so awfully appealing.

And horrible.

Slavery, death and grief are constant reminders of what kind of world this is, but our Mudokon hero Abe may be able to make a difference. In his predecessor, he (hopefully) saved hundreds of his brothers. Here and there maybe the end was good, but no one believed that it would last all day.

Abe at least. IN Soulstorm continues the escape from the dark threat. It is admittedly a 2d game. You move up or down, left or right. However, the camera runs are dramatic, undulating and give the appearance of a game with unimaginable depth. The environments are often broken and gray, but there is a kind of beauty in the shattered world. Everything feels hopeless, but me wants that the spark of hope should be ignited.

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What is it?

First “new” Oddworldthe adventure of seven long years.


Oddworld Inhabitants


Oddworld Inhabitants



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Intel Core i7-7700, Gefore GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM

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