OlliOlli World announced | Varvat

Private Division and Roll7 have introduced us with their upcoming skateboard game with platform elements – OlliOlli World. The game is scheduled to arrive this winter this year, for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. OlliOlli World will be the latest part in an already established IP, but with the upcoming title they are taking the action platform in a new direction.

Players will be able to kick-flip through Radland, a colorful world full of interesting characters. All this while looking for the mysterious skate gods and Gnarvana. Radland and its inhabitants are cozy and have a design that is a bit special. IN OlliOlli World Players can customize their characters’ looks, tricks, and style before exploring different branches with multiple branches and a bunch of different secrets.

OlliOlli World will give players an opportunity to enjoy the game’s combo system, while more experienced players can refine their skills and tricks. Become skilled enough and you will be able to unlock a lot of new courses in the game’s sandbox mode. Players can also compete against others around the world.

“We could not be happier than we are, now that we have managed to stick to the vision we had of the OlliOlli series’ upcoming title and its evolution,” says Simon Bennett, Co-CEO of Roll7. “We wanted to embrace the strange, wonderful and multifaceted side of skate culture with a game that is all about embarking on a road trip with your friends, finding crazy places, performing crisp tricks, but most of all – skating on everything that exists! ”
“It has been exciting to work with Roll7 to take the OlliOlli series forward with a spectacular new art direction, but at the same time be true to what the signature gameplay games offer. Said Michael Worosz, Executive Vice President and Head of Private Division. “Flow-state can be achieved through a perfect balance of focus and relaxation. OlliOlli World enhances this unique feeling to new heights through an intuitive concept and ultra-tight controls honed to perfection. ”

OlliOlli World becomes the third part in the series.