Olympus will change dramatically when Apex Legends: Legacy is released on May 4th

May 4 will be released Legacy, a major update to Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has worked hard and among the news are new weapons, a new Legend and a completely new game mode.

New 3v3 location – Arenas: In Arenas, you compete in new, rotating maps such as Party Crasher and Phase Runner. Before each round, players can change their loadout and improve the conditions before the close round. Arenas will also offer dedicated events and prizes.

New Legend – Valkyrie: With his jetpack, Valkyrie can fly across the battlefield and unleash a swarm of missiles against unsuspecting opponents. Her Ultimate lets the whole team quickly escape from difficult situations.

New weapon – Bocek Bow: The powerful Bocek Bow can create devastating damage if you are skilled enough to use it. For maximum power, the weapon must be charged to full power.

Olympus update: An enemy ship has landed on the map and from it spreads a vicious plant that takes over most of the game world. The attack creates new drop zones and completely new conditions on the map. Feel free to read more on the Apex blog.

All changes can be seen in the trailer above.