OnePlus in progress with a theme store

Oneplus seems to be following in the footsteps we had hoped they would not, the theme store seems to be underway, but what does that mean?

I remember when Oneplus impressed with their phones at a low price, then they started to impress with their speed, optimized software with a screen at a high frame rate.

But now it seems that Oneplus is losing slowly but surely, the phones are becoming more expensive, the competitors are at least as optimized as Oneplus and the camera that Oneplus is trying to get with Hasselblad does not impress the market as they had hoped.

Now information has come from Oneplus own forum that they work at a theme store like Samsung has for their phones. The idea is that this theme store will be released with the next major update of Android, but exactly what the store will contain and whether Oneplus will actually charge for this remains to be seen.

It will be interesting to see where all this will lead with Oneplus, what their future visions are and what their plans are for the future.