Oneplus releases video on 8T Concept

OnePlus always has something going on and this time they have shown 8T Concept which shows interesting technology that we may have to look forward to.

OnePlus has now shown off the 8T Concept, which looks like a regular 8T but has one or two new technologies in it.

Among other things, we have a back that has been redone a bit and which has a material that makes it possible to change color. The material can, for example, change color if you receive different notices, and then make the phone stop changing color, it is enough to swipe your hand above the back of the phone. It should also be possible to get the phone’s colors to change after the user’s breathing, how useful it is remains to be seen.

As I said, 8T Concept is not a phone that will go on sale, but shows more of what Oneplus is working and experimenting with. In any case, we have guaranteed a lot of news from Oneplus to look forward to in 2021.