Online flea market – 5 services that challenge Blocket

There is a lot of money to be saved on buying used, and it is significantly better for the environment. In addition, you can often find much more fun things at flea markets and second-hand shops than you do in regular stores.

Nowadays, of course, there are plenty of digital alternatives for you who want to shop second-hand.

Second hand

New site to buy used

The corona restrictions have created problems for the country’s second-hand stores – but now they are getting help from the new shopping center Recycle More. The idea is that you should look, shop and pay online, but that you go to the store itself to pick up your purchase.

Second hand

Thousands of gadgets – which are useful

ErikshjÀlpen is one of the charities that has come the furthest with its digital sales. Via the site you can find thousands of used goods. They are delivered to your home for SEK 49 – or free of charge for large purchases.

Second hand

Beneficial auctions

The Salvation Army’s second-hand shop Myrorna has a different set-up. They have their own “store” on the auction service Tradera and you shop by placing a bid. At the time of writing, there are approximately 1,500 items, which is significantly more than at the Red Cross and the City Mission, which also have their own stores on Tradera.

Second hand

Buy celebrity clothes

At Usedby, everyone can sell used clothes, but what stands out is the celebrity sales. Alex Schulman, Alexandra Pascalidou, Therese Alshammar and many others use the service to sell items from their private closets.
In many cases, the surplus goes to charity thanks to a collaboration with Stockholm City Mission.

Second hand

Flea market in mobile

Citiboard describes itself as Sweden’s largest flea market in mobile. Here, everyone can buy and sell used, and the advantage compared to market leader Blocket is that it is free to advertise at Cityboard.
At the time of writing, there are over 180,000 ads.

More than private ads

No one can have missed that private individuals sell used stuff on Blocket, but you will also find “real” stores here. Just do your search as usual but select Company instead of All and opt out of classified ads.

Bargain on Facebook

In recent years, Facebook Marketplace has emerged as one of the most important buying and selling services. One point of shopping here is of course that you can see the seller’s Facebook profile, which can help you decide if he feels serious or not. Of course, you can also see if you have common contacts.


Buy on your mobile with the popular Shpock

A popular buying and selling app is called Shpock and what attracts above all is that the service is free, both for the seller and the buyer. It is also quick to use. Thanks to the mobile’s location function, the buyer can immediately see which objects are nearby, and thanks to the camera, it will be easy for the seller to create an ad.


Online auction

Of course, Tradera is not just a marketplace for organizations like Myrorna. Of course, it is mainly a standalone auction site. You who find it difficult to put a price on your used gadgets can use Tradera. It is an online auction where the buyers’ interest determines the price. Tradera is great on the web, but is also available as an app.


Only for children

Children (and parents) can make a lot of money buying and selling used. Reshopper, which specializes in families with children, is one of Denmark’s largest apps. It has also been available in Sweden for some time.


Let someone else sell

If you do not have the strength to sell old stuff yourself, Sellpy can do the job. You order a delivery bag and send in your stuff. Sellpy photographs the gadget, places the ad, and afterwards you share the winnings.